Coaching In Session

Ep.270: What is the Key to Finding Peace with Katie Wenger

April 21, 2023 Michael Rearden Season 1 Episode 270
Coaching In Session
Ep.270: What is the Key to Finding Peace with Katie Wenger
Coaching In Session
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Show Notes

Would you like to live a more peaceful life in the future? Are you curious about why you sometimes feel lost, confused, and unhappy? If that is the case, this episode is right for you!

This episode will discuss self-exploration and give you tips on how to get started. You'll get to know yourself better and understand what is really stopping you from moving forward.

It is beneficial not only to you but also to your loved one because when you are fulfilled, your relationships will improve as well.

Join the interview with Michael Rearden and Katie Wenger as they talk about peace, self-exploration, and relationship challenges.


Katie Wenger experienced an early interest in the field of Psychology after an engaging high school course on the subject. She then followed that interest which quickly became a passion at Penn State University, where she majored in Psychology and minored in Human Development and Family Studies. After learning from some innovative and highly experienced professors at Penn State, she focused her passion on developing a career in therapy. Attending Temple University, where she received a Master of Social Work degree, she learned further a broad perspective of the human experience and needs of individuals, couples, and families and how to support them best. Shortly after, she earned her Clinical license and began working in the field of individual and couple’s therapy.

Katie has been practicing psychotherapy for 18 years and educates clients nationwide through her company, Higher Fulfillment.  The materials offered include courses for individuals and couples, webinars, consultations, the affirmation book, her upcoming book, which will be released in April of 2023:  Obstacles Under the Surface:  How to Keep Your Subconscious from Negatively Impacting Your Life, and the podcast "Obstacles Under the Surface".  Katie's practice is dedicated to helping individuals and couples find peace and flourish through relationship challenges.

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